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Preparing for Location Shoots
« on: December 14, 2016, 01:39:07 PM »
Preparing for Location Shoots

     Most of us like to photograph our dolls. Some are adventurous enough to take them outside. If you travel any distance during a photo shoot, there are three major things you need to keep in mind:

   1. safety of the doll
   2. safety for yourself
   3. convenience for yourself

     Moving a doll any distance requires some advance planning. The way must be relatively clear of obstructions to permit safe travel. The surface over which you must travel may present its own difficulties. This not only includes terrain (road, lawn, inclines), but also abrupt changes in surface level (curbs, staiways).

     The best way to move a doll over long distances on a level surface is a rolling chair. While some prefer an offfice chair, others have opted to use a wheelchair. Office chairs are somewhat limited to flat floor travel. Even then, care must be taken to keep the doll's feet from dragging on the floor.

     Those with access to tools and welding equipment have constructed dolly-dollies, doll stands on wheels. I present an idea here for those who do not have access to these tools.

     The picture below shows a common hand truck and the Camp/Incred doll stand. The doll stand is indispensible for dressing and displaying your doll. This doll stand could be fitted with wheels or casters to help move it across flat surfaces, but you would still have some difficulty over rougher surfaces.

Doll stand and hand truck.

     I have constructed a platform to place the doll stand under Feodora's wheelchair. It consists of a rectangle of  1/2 inch plywood and four large, plastic coated cup hooks. I wanted this to be temporary so that I could fold up the wheelchair for storage.

     I measured between the outside edges of the wheelchair carriage tubing and the front-to-back length of the carriage to get the size for the wood. I drilled pilot holes for the cup hooks so that they did not split the wood. I had to bend the cup hooks open to get them over the wheelchair tubing. I also had to back to hooks out of the wood to accomodate the thickness of the doll stand platform. The notches cut into the plywood were a failed attempt to set the platform on top of the wheelchair carriage.

     Once the hooks were set in the wheelchair carriage, I slid the doll stand onto the platform. Because of the angle of the platform, I use a bungee cord to secure the doll stand. The back of the doll stand is lower than I would like, but acceptable.

     Be careful that the platform and doll stand do not interfere with the free movement of the wheelchair front wheels.

Front view.

     The Camp/Incred doll stand incorporates Everhard's bum pusher. It rests against Feodora's back in this picture. If you use a stance modifier to keep your doll standing straight, you may not need the bum pusher.

Right view.

Left view.

View from the back.

I move Feodora over short distances by placing the doll stand on the hand truck.

     Because of the high center of gravity, there is a danger of the doll rolling off of the bum pusher, and could upset the entire assembly. I may drill holes through the hand truck and doll stand platform for bolts and wing nuts.

Preparing for a short move.

Moving Feodora

     Regardless of how you move your doll, do it safely! As always, your ideas are welcome. You may have a better idea than this!

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