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Island Window
« on: December 14, 2016, 02:08:36 PM »
Island Window

     I decided to put a 'window' in my studio to give the girls some possibilities for 'location' shots.
     I found some poster sized prints at Wal Mart and Meijer, 36" wide by 24" high. I built several versions of the window before I found one that I like.
     The lightbox frame is made of 2" x 6" unfinished lumber just slightly bigger than needed to accommodate the florescent light fixtures. The fixtures are supported by 1" x 3" furring strips. The prints came with a stiff cardboard backing, so I covered one of these with tinfoil to act as a reflector and placed it behind the fixtures.

     I brought the power cord out through the middle knockout on the middle light fixture, and through the cardboard backing behind the window. There is safety hardware in the knockout hole to prevent electrical shorts. The light switch is behind the left leg (right in this picture).

     Here is the window with the front woodwork frame, legs (2" x 2"), and curtain hardware. I placed the curtains so that the bottom café set would give the illusion that the window is bigger than seen.
     There is a Plexiglas sandwich behind the woodwork frame. A 1/8" inch notch was formed by placing wooden yardsticks at the bottom and on both sides between the Plexiglas pieces. This allows the scenery to be changed without dis-assembling the woodwork. The scenes themselves have some clear packing tape doubled over and placed at the middle top to facilitate easy removal and replacement of the prints.

     This is what it looks like with the tubes turned on. You can see the hardware for the lower café curtains.

     Here is the window with the "Morning at Arimecibo" scene in place, and "Noon at Arimecibo" on the floor. I put some dark blue poster paper behind the valance curtains at the top to give the illusion that there is a transom window at the top. I should change to a light blue color for the daytime scenes.

Trixie and Dixie at Arimecibo with scene 2, "Noon at Arimecibo".

Trixie and Dixie at Arimecibo with scene 3, "Sunset at Arimecibo".

Esperanza and Dixie at Arimecibo.

     I am no carpenter, and if I can handle this, most of you could with only a few hand tools. Enjoy!

:)  :)  :)
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